Pirates of Execution Dock VIDEO

All aboard! In this episode, join me and my trusty band of adventurers as we set sail in search of Wapping’s treasure. On the way we encounter pirates, ghosts, river police… And a terrifying legend!

[tabs type=”lizatom-tabs-horizontal”][tab title=’Acknowledgements‘]The Golden Hinde II filming permissions by Troy Richards.
Gibbet Cage filming permissions by Miranda Furneaux of The Clink Prison Museum.
John Stow monument filming permissions by Anthony Thomas of The Church of St Andrew Undershaft and St Helen’s Bishopsgate.
The Ruislip Lido Railway filming permissions by Matt Streeton, with additional thanks to Martin Lever.

Special thanks to Joz Joslin of The Thames Police Museum.

Video camera operators: Jon Kaneko-James and Vikki Velvetfur.
Stills photography by Lorcan Maguire.
Additional photographs by David Saunderson and Pete Le May.
Additional sound effects by FreeSFX

IT assistance by Victoria Hotchin and James Newey.
[/tab][tab title=’Cast‘]
Voice of Captain Kidd – Mark Kane
‘El Draque’ – Vikki Velvetfur
Phantom Pirate – Sean Davidson

Buccaneer Crew:

Emma ‘Captain Jenni Jago’ Bown
Naomi ‘Cat o’ Nine Tails’ Barnard
Meghan ‘The Marauder’ Cole
Tara ‘Mistress Cutlass’ Dakini
Petra ‘Dark-Depths’ Dudakova
Ffion ‘The Ffearless’ Jones
Bennie ‘The Butcher’ Hero McCool
Lee ‘Malestrom’ Murphy
Zane ‘The Oracle’ Orola
Jamie ‘Prizefighter’ Pullar
Mark ‘The Marksman’ Rolland
David ‘Spooky Isles’ Saunderson
Anja ‘Shark-Attack’ Schneider
Emma ‘Stormbringer’ Smith
[/tab][tab title=’Explorer Info‘]The replica gallows can be accessed by Pelican Stairs next to the Prospect of Whitby Pub at low tide.

The original final location of Execution Dock can be viewed from King Henry’s Stairs (fenced-off) or accessed at low-tide via New Crane Stairs (then heading right upriver). There is no plaque, monument or remains of any kind at the actual site – you know you are in the spot when you are lined-up with St. Mary Rotherhithe on the opposite bank (see picture).

Zoom out from church_00381

Check here for tide times.

Please exercise extreme caution when visiting the Wapping Foreshore: the stairs can be very slippery, even in fine weather. Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The Golden Hinde II can be visited for costumed tours, Overnight Living History experiences and booked for special events. Please call 020 7403 0123 or visit www.goldenhinde.com for opening times.

Other locations featured in the video that I recommend for further exploring include:

The Thames Police Museum
The Clink Prison Museum
The Ruislip Lido Railway
Brunel’s Thames Tunnel

The Tobacco Dock ‘pirate ships’ are free to view here.

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