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Hello I’m Anthony; a voiceover guy, video-editor and all-round history geek living in London’s Docklands. I began The Lost Valley of London project as a way to share some of my favourite adventures in the city that inspires me: using all the exciting media and networks available online (yet another great valley to explore!). I hope you enjoy the videos, stories and pictures on this site: do visit again as new adventures are being added all the time!

Join my social networks or drop me a line if you have any questions, comments or suggestions… and of course I’d love to hear about your expeditions across the Lost Valley!



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  1. Stirling stuff, sir! I was born in West Norwood, just down from the road from Crystal Palace, and your jaunt thru’ the lost world of the stone dinosaurs has to be the most entertaining and informative of any I’ve witnessed. We used to go visit the dinosaurs when we were young ~ (now we are dinosaurs ourselves) ~ but if you ever find yourself down in Brighton, we’ll stand you a drink or two (on the understanding you wear the pith helmet)…

  2. i love your videos they are awesome. im excited for the next one at the end of the month.happy new year xoxoxo:) 😮

    • Thank you! I’ve just visited your website & signed-on to the mailing list to keep-up with future openings… This I just HAVE to see!

  3. What a marvellously inventive way of highlighting some lesser known but nevertheless fascinating parts of the capital. My last visit to Crystal Palace was as a young child; I’m long overdue a revisit. Great stuff!

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