Fellow Explorers

One cannot chart the Lost Valley alone: on this page I celebrate those brave souls who also venture into the darkest corners of the capital in search of knowledge, reason and insight...


According to the site itself, Londonist is a 'website about London and everything that happens in it'. And my word it really does what it says! An awe-inspiring effort; Londonist manages to track down every event, person, place  and quirk that makes this city so exciting. New London aficionados start here!

Travel Onion

This site is designed for intrepid explorers, planning their adventures to Britain and the world by advising of the best travel blogs.. And presenting a magnificent array of competitions, deals and travel tips. A great way to custom-build your perfect adventure!

Secret London

A repository of London trivia so detailed that it can even be broken-up into fantastic niche 'Themes' (Empire, Rome.... Even Pineapples!). A wonderful treasure trove of secrets. Includes a comprehensive set of self-guided walks.

Smitten by Britain

Melissa is an American 'Britophile' (as opposed to 'Anglophile' - a very important distinction!).
It's inspiring to read about the British Isles from the vantage point of an overseas devotee; so please take a look at Melissa's beautifully put-together blog for a fresh perspective on Blighty!


This site is a true veteran: starting in 1996 it is one of the most up-to-date, comprehensive and authoritative London listings guides on the net. The quality of the writing is particularly sharp and evocative; well worth an explore...

Boo Tours

Jon Kaneko-James leads fantastic ghost-walks into the heart of haunted London: a great emphasis on obscure hauntings and painstakingly researched facts from London's alternative esoteric history.

The Spooky Isles

With an incredible range of spooky subjects, updated daily by a host of paranormal experts; this website is shaping up to be THE definitive guide to the strange, spooky and supernatural across the British Isles. Not only that but they host regular meetups: haunted pubs, paranormal investigations, guided tours and other events in London. www.spookyisles.com

Miss Immy’s London

Legendary London blogger Miss Immy and her fantastic London exploits. The 'Did You Know' section is a particularly marvellous repository of top-notch London eccentricity! Nice also to see markets, shops and restaurants: a true three-dimensional view of the capital.

Jane’s London

She's a busy lady, our Jane... What with design, crafts, clay pipe 'upcycling' and this wonderful London blog: very hands on, with a wealth of eyewitness photos and a refreshingly personal tone-of-voice (she's not afraid to give her honest opinions too!). www.janeslondon.com