The Everywhereist

This blog describes me as 'the love child of Emo Philips and Brent Spiner'... Now THAT is going on my tombstone! A world-class (and world-encompassing!) site that features Geraldine traveling to all corners of the Globe (and getting into all sorts of great adventures).

Borderless Adventures

Michelle is an Australian living in Stockholm & her blog explores themes of migration, multiculturalism & new horizons. As I'm a Kiwi exploring London, there is much to identify with here, so I heartily recommend this remarkable site!

Discovering Secret London

Celeste Miles hosts this great London Blog. She's an architecture expert which is always welcome and I regularly refer to her column on London's best cafes (which are very important to me, as you know!). Celeste also runs her own meetup group 'Historic London Pubs' which I enjoy (two very good things: historic ....and pubs!).